Monday, May 31, 2010

Money is the root of all evil!

Why people quarrel? Money.
Why was there war? Money.
Why are there crimes? Money.

You can't live without money.
But you can't live happily either with money.

It's your choice.

You take control over money?
Or you let money take control over you?

Think and act wisely!

I Miss Them...

While I was tidying up my room, I looked back at all those birthday cards or letters I received from friends every year. I kept all of them as a collection because they are my treasure. I still remember very clearly how my room mates celebrated for me last year. They pasted birthday wishes on the board beside my bed and had a surprise steamboat party in the room. Miss those days when I was with them...

When the semester was coming to an end, we thought we couldn't stay together anymore, we were sad. The last night before we left the hostel, we talked the whole night without sleeping. We just couldn't stop sharing. One of my room mates even cried. I was sad too.

Then the good news came. We get to remain in the same room for the second year. We were very happy! But our relationship wasn't as close as when we were in 1st year. Perhaps all of us were busy with our own activities. We got further apart. A wall started to build between us. I felt upset quite a number of times because of them. I didn't know how they feel and I didn't know how to tell them how I feel.

I'm still keeping the letter she wrote to me last year . It goes like this...

生病了,就要好好休息,不要再吃巧克力的食物。 三餐都要吃。 不要给我发现到你没吃,不然,你会很够力的咯。。。
相信你可以的,因为你在我们的心目中是最好的。 就算天塌下来,也有我们帮你撑着。。。
这边有瓶 100 plus. Hope you have 100+ de energy for ur exam. Actually, 这是因为你生病才给你喝的,不是因为你考试才给你喝的。 记得喝咯。不要再吃饼干了。就算是下午茶也不可以。
PS: 我没有你 course-mate 这么好,只有一瓶水而已。。。希望你别介意拉。。。"

She knew I didn't know how to read chinese well, so she wrote pin yin under the chinese words for me. Although it's a simple letter, but it's filled with care and love. It's my fault that I couldn't maintain our friendship well. I'm really sad...

I miss them...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Holidays have been great so far and there is more to come!

On Wednesday, I went to sing KTV again. I brought my niece together. There was only 4 of us (adults) singing. GREAT! We sang for 4 hours. Sometimes lesser people is good because we have more chance to sing. Haha... My niece, Xuan Xuan sang a few children rhymes too. So cute!!

And I got to know a new friend called "Su Ping" in chinese which I have met years ago before. The world is small right? Should be Malacca is small. She was a state basketball player for Malacca team. When I was in F4 and F5, I was part of my school team who had competed with Yok Bin school team a few times during competitions. That was the time when we encountered each other. I still remember her because I admire their team. They are the state team of Malacca. They looked cool when they played the basketball!

After KTV, I joined the F6 class gathering. We had steamboat at Kota Laksamana which I think is nice and cheap. Still not enough, we went to Melaka Raya chinese kopitiam for 2nd round. This place is famous for its roti bakar and weird owner aunty. Haha... If you want to know where is it, just leave a comment. (-_<)

*Spot the only male* =p

Yesterday I joined the annual Wesak procession. I've been following this since I was young and I never miss it except for one year. I enjoy joining this procession!
- The only time we can walk on the road for so long knowing it's safe.
- The time when we meet back those we have lost touch of.
- The time when I get to see my beloved teacher who has left for Australia but will come back once a year for Wesak.

He is Mr Low Joon Yean. Once a very famous Accounting teacher who has inspired me to take up accounting in F6. He was the author for the Accounting book of SPM and STPM level. He was very dedicated in teaching. He would explain and explain and explain again with patience to make us understand. Because of him and another great teacher whom I admire (Mr Hong), sometimes I would thought of becoming a teacher as well. A teacher like them who can inspire and change their students for the better!

P/S: By the way, I'm going to Muar later to "jalan-jalan cari makan". Will come back with more adventures! ^^

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bukit China Soya Bean House

This is an addition to the previous post. After we visited Melaka Planetarium, we went to Bukit China Soya Bean House at Kota Laksamana to eat. There are variety of soy milk and "tau fu fa" being sold there. There are some local food as well. It's a nice place to chill out during the day. =)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Activities for the past 10 days...

Yo! I'm finally back! For the last whole week I was "berkulat'ing" in my cousin's home at KL. But I did enjoy my time there as well coz she brought me out to eat lots of nice food. Hee hee...

Some recommended places to dine in are Snowflake, Papparich, Zanmai, and a few more local restaurants which I forgot the name. Haha... paiseh...

I came back to Malacca on Saturday noon and went outing again with friends. We have our dinner at Garden Recipe in Jusco Melaka. It consists mainly of healthy food and drinks and the taste is nice!

On Sunday, I went to Pantai Puteri with my family. We thought to fly kite there for the kids to play but sadly, there was no one selling kite there. Why?? So we ended up playing the sea water for a while and then left for breakfast. There is one very famous "Hee Kiaw Mee" at Tengkera opposite Wesley church which only opens on Saturday and Sunday. For the 1st time we waited so long just for a simple dish and the weather was so hot that we barely enjoyed. But the mee was nice. It's a family business which has been passed down for many generations.

Yesterday, I went for "Kayak" with my friends at Ayer Keroh Golf Club. It was quite fun and cheap. RM3 per person, play for unlimited time. Until yesterday only I realized there were many activities provided there which suit youngsters like us.

The next destination was Melaka Planetarium located at MITC. I was amazed when I entered! It's a must-visit place! Although it is not very big, but it is informative equipped with high technology and the best part is there is a 3D theater! This is the 1st ever 3D theater in Malacca or maybe Malaysia which you can watch lying down on the chair without needing to wear 3D specs! You would be amazed throughout the whole show!

My friends and I thought how nice it would be if the 3D movies in the cinema were to show in this way. Perhaps in the future this technology might be applied in cinemas. I'm waiting for the day to come! Haha...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kotak Mimpi

It has been long since I last sang KTV with friends. As usual, we went to *Kotak Mimpi*. At the same time, I grabbed the chance to celebrate birthday for my dearest "sis" as I will not be in Malacca from 16 May till 21 May. Leaving for KL to help my cousin.

I guess I really have not been singing for quite a while. I sang terribly bad. Must really practice more... The above is the photo taken by the staff of DreamBox to be displayed on their board. Many people celebrated birthdays there.

Most probably I don't have any chance to update my blog while I am away in KL because my cousin's house doesn't have internet connection. Sob... sob... Anyway, I will bring in more adventurous stories to you after I'm back. Wait for me! Tata!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Water Gun Fight

I'm back with another adventure of the day! Haha... I went to my friend's house to play water gun! Err... did I just mention water gun?

Yup! Exactly! Water gun fight! Some of you may think that this is a childish game and only kids would play this but you are wrong. Although it is just a simple water shooting activity but it was really fun!! This was the first time I played and it was very exciting! We attacked each other and at the same time helped one another. Before you could even run away, your whole body is already wet. Haha... Feels like playing in a water theme park although we were just playing at the house's compound.

This game is good in a way that it is simple, silly, fun, crazy and a bit childish but it helps to release stress and cheer up your day! =) If you have the chance, you can try it out.

We started playing at 10.00pm and it ended about 11.30pm. Then my friend said she was hungry so off we went to nearby mamak where my friend recommended "roti oren". The taste is kinda weird. I don't think I'm going to eat this again in my life. We chit chatted until 2.00am.

I love this kind of feeling. Have a drink with friends and talk, talk, talk... Talk all the way till we forget the time! Haha... It really feels good to spend time with friends listening to their stories of life and sharing my stories of life as well. I knew a few new friends from the water gun activity just now. They are nice and fun people.

By the way, I got a new nickname from them as well. Mosquito. I know you are thinking now why mosquito. The story goes like this... I went out with my classmates for dinner the day before at Sakura House if you read my previous post. Those new friends I knew were there as well. We shared some silly jokes or should I say lame jokes. So I gave them my lame IQ question. "What is the difference between a mosquito and a fly?" No one can answer it. So when I disclosed my answer, all of them turned (-_-)'''

At that time they still didn't know my name. And since then, they called me as mosquito. The end of the story. LOL! That's all for now! Gotta sleep d... it's 4.47am. Sayonara and ohayo gozaimasu!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The highlight for today is...

Yesterday I went out with my F6 classmates for a movie. Then we had our dinner together and continued with supper. It was great meeting them again after so long (the last time we met was during CNY). But not the whole family of Arts 4 was there. Hope to have a gathering with them soon!

Arts 4 Family ^^

Let's start of with the movie first. We watched "Kidnapper". It's a Singaporean production. Our local MyFm DJ is acting in it too. Throughout the whole movie my heart can't get to rest at all. It's always full of suspense and certain scenes were quite scary. But overall this show is not bad. It didn't disappoint me.

After that, we went to Sakura House for dinner. It's a special dining place located at Duyong. Its restaurant is in a house. But the food is nice and it's not expensive at all! If you love Japanese food, you must try it out! =)

By the way, you must call for reservation before you go. Next, we moved on to supper at a mamak owned by a chinese family located at the lane after Mahkota Medical Centre. The aunty boss who took order there was a very rude person. But I have to admit that the "roti bakar" is nice. Despite her rudeness, we still went there for supper because some of us including me have not tried before the "roti bakar" there which was highly recommended by my friends. If you ask me would I go again, maybe once in a blue moon I would just for the "roti bakar". Haha...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It brightens up your life!