Thursday, December 29, 2011

It’s all in Malacca!

Clueless on what to eat? Perhaps these may help!

1) Wan Tan Mee @ Bukit China


The special thing about this wan tan mee is that the noodles is in its original colour without any soy sauce being added in to preserve its original taste.


2) Ta Chi House @ Tun Sri Lanang

TC 6 TC 1 TC 2 TC 3 TC 4 TC 5

It’s located near Putra Specialist Hospital. It sells Nyonya delicacies and I highly recommend its nasi lemak and nyonya laksa! I ordered its coffee which is of illy brand, one of the most quality coffee beans and look what I’ve got! Angry bird coffee! Haha!


3) Senju Tei @ Melaka Raya

ST 4 ST 1 ST 2 ST 3

A newly opened Japanese cuisine in Melaka. So far, I think there are only 2 restaurants which serve the best Japanese cuisine in Melaka and one of them is this! The other recommended place is Wa Zen.


4) Bukit China Soya Bean House @ Kota Laksamana

 SB 1SB 3SB 4 SB 2 

A dessert shop which specializes in soy bean drinks and tau fu fa. You can get to taste variety of desserts made from soy beans!


5) Putu Piring @ Tengkera

Putu 1 Putu 2

The nearest famous stall to my house! Haha! I’m not a putu piring lover but this is definitely one of the recommended food to try if you come to Malacca.


6) Toast & Steam Bread @ Melaka Raya

RB 1

A small stall which only operates at night till midnight. It’s kinda hard to find authentic toast and steam bread nowadays and if you’re a traditional food lover, this one is for you!


7) Pak Putra @ Kota Laksamana

PP 1 PP 4PP 2 PP 3 

It’s famous for its tandoori chicken and roti naan. I don’t really like to eat chicken but this is one that I can’t resist! It’s so nice that you’d remember its taste forever!


8) Durian Puff & Pineapple Tart @ Pooh Kean, Jonker

   PK 2 PK 3PK 1PK 5 PK 4

Again, I’m not a durian lover but its puff is so juicy and tasty! There are many sellers for pineapple tart, however I think this shop has the best pineapple tarts after comparing with a few other famous sellers.


9) Nyonya Suan @ Melaka Raya

NS 3 NS 1 NS 2

If you’re looking for Nyonya style dishes, try this! It tastes better compared to Makko and Ole Sayang.


10) Nadeje @ Melaka Raya

Nadeje 1 Nadeje 4Nadeje 2 Nadeje 3

Needless to say much, I think most of you should’ve known this place. Well, I’m not recommending its mille crepe anymore as it has gain high recognition among Malaysians. But I want to recommend its food! Besides cakes, it serves Japanese and France cuisine which I think is nice and affordable!


11) Pancake @ Ong Kim Wee


In Hokkien, we call this “man jian go”. I think this is the only one in Malacca that comes with egg and chicken floss filling. My favourite of all time! ^^


12) Fresh Mango Juice @ Jonker

Mango 1 Mango 2

Fresh and thick! Highly recommended for sour drinks lover.


13) Satay @ Kota Laksamana

 KL Satay 1 KL Satay 3KL Satay 2

The specialty here is its satay sauce which is mixed with pineapple as well.


14) Yong Tau Fu & Pai Tee @ Bukit China

 DF 1

DF 2

Originality is preserved as no soy sauce is being added into the noodles. Pai Tee is a little similar to popiah but it’s served in crisp.


15) Chicken Rice Balls @ Hoe Kee, Jonker

 CRB 1

Another famous restaurant selling chicken rice balls at Jonker is Zhong Hua. Actually it tastes just normal to me. The only difference is that it’s made in ball shape.


16) Coconut Shake @ Klebang

CS 1 CS 2

Coconut water is blended with vanilla ice-cream. It’s very refreshing especially on a sunny day!


17) Burger Maut @ Warung Halimah, Semabok

Burger 1 Burger 2

The name is given by my friend because of the way it’s being cooked as shown in the picture above. The stall looks just like any ordinary ramlee burger stall but this burger is slightly different. The fragrance of the meat is being burnt out with the fire which makes it tastier and juicier!


18) Capitol Satay Celup @ Banda Kaba

Capitol 1 Capitol 3Capitol 2

Most of the tourists like to come here. I think mainly is because of the thick gravy and the seafood that is being served after you’ve eaten a certain amount. Despite the long queue, many people are still willing to wait.


19) Cockle @ Bunga Raya

BR 1 BR 2 BR 3

This small little stall located at a narrow lane near Madam King is famous for its fresh “si ham, la-la” and etc. I’m not a fan of “si ham” but I like the “tau kee” and “la-la” here.


20) Bibik Cendol @ Jonker

Bibik 2

Bibik 1

Here, we can add gula melaka ourselves to the cendol. It’s nice because they use pure gula melaka which is less sweet than those commercialized gula melaka that are being sold to the tourists.


21) Nyonya Asam Laksa @ 88, Jonker

88 1 88 2 88 3 88 4

I love to eat asam laksa but it’s hard to find a nice one in Malacca compared to Penang. So far, I still prefer this place for its asam laksa because of the additional toppings they put in such as “tau kee” and egg.