Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sports Day - Up Close

My school annual sports day is a fun day for me. Hence, I took many pictures on that day just to share with all of you. Below are some pictures taken precisely at each camps and also the scenery at the field:

How do you feel about my school sports day? Nice? Well, I feel great and excited everytime when I talk about my school sports day! I'm sure from all the pictures in my posts about sports day, you can know how much effort my school girls put in just to make it a success. Despite all the hard work, at the end of the day we still feel happy and gain satisfactory although we were very tired. It would be a memorable day for us in our whole lifetime! Hope you enjoy viewing it. ^^

Sports Day - Procession

For the sports day, there were costumes designed for the mascot, marchers and so-called "sepanduk girl". Here are a few pictures of them:

Want to see more? Take a look at my next post(Sports Day - Up Close).

Sports Day

27 March 2008, Thursday - It was my school annual sports day. Although I have left my secondary school for almost 3 years, I'd always love to back to watch this exciting event. I love my school sports day because it is not an ordinary sports day like any other school. What makes it different from others is that we have to decorate the camp of our own team house and also design costume for the marchers as part of our competition between houses unlike other schools which didn't do much at all for sports day. Besides, we need to create our own mascot for each houses according to our theme respectively. Every year, students will be divided into 4 different houses which is Green(Tan Kiong Keng), Blue(Shellabear), Yellow(Tan Cheng Lock) and Red(Ada Pugh). For this year, the theme was Sealife. Thus, Green house decided to do Jelly Fish, Blue house did Shark, Yellow house took up Sea Horse and Red house went for Crab. These were how their camps looked like:

These few pictures ain't enough to describe the atmosphere for that day. Read my next post(Sports Day - Procession) for further details. =)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Secret

Today is the first time I write blog. So I don't have much to say but I wish to introduce to you a book which I came across with recently. This book is entitled "The Secret" and it's written by Rhonda Byrne. I feel that it's a very good book so I want to share with all of you. The contents of this book is very applicable in our daily life. I cannot write out the whole contents here but I will summarize a little of its contents so that you will roughly know what is it about. From the introduction it's written that "As you learn The Secret, you will come to know how you can have, be, or do anything you want. You will come to know who you really are. You will come to know the true magnificence that awaits you in life." What I've known from this book is "The Law of Attraction". If you can think about what you want in your mind, and make that your dominant thought, you will bring it into your life. Maybe some of you might think that it's ridiculous! But from my experience, I can tell you that it's true... What you need to do for your dreams to come true is just in 3 simple steps.

  1. ASK - ask yourself what you want

  2. BELIEVE - believe in your thoughts that you will get what you want without any DOUBT

  3. RECEIVE - just wait to receive your dreams that come true

Sounds easy right? But it's not easy to apply because most people will fail at 2nd step which is Believe. Not many people can believe that their dreams really will come true and so when they ask and believe, they will start to doubt. Once you doubt your thoughts, then everything will be back to original point. Thus, your dreams cannot be realised. Here is a picture of the book's cover.

What else to wait for? Try it out today and see if your dreams really come true. Besides, there's no harm trying it right? After I've read this book(although not yet finish reading), I feel that I'm now happier living my life because what I think reflect in my life. I practise this law and apply it in my daily life, I found that it's really happening. Just give it a try and you will find that your life will change as you wish... It's better that you read the book yourself. Then you can understand better of "The Secret"...