Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Take Time

Take time to THINK ---> It is the source of POWER

Take time to PLAY ---> It is the source of perpetual YOUTH

Take time to READ ---> It is the fountain of WISDOM

Take time to PRAY ---> It is the greatest POWER on earth

Take time to LOVE and be loved ---> It is a God-given PRIVILEGE

Take time to be FRIENDLY ---> It is the road to HAPPINESS

Take time to LAUGH ---> It is the MUSIC of the Soul

Take time to GIVE ---> It is too short a day to be SELFISH

Take time to WORK ---> It is the price of SUCCESS

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carbon Trading - A Climate Solution? Think Again!

Credit to Han Yang

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Autumn September

My friends and I went for a half-day Malacca journey last Wednesday. You might be wondering we are all Malaccans and should be very familiar with Malacca, how come we still went for mini trip around Malacca? Haha...

Well, we just love Malacca! ^^ Our main purpose was to take a ride on 3 things.
1. Duck Boat
2. Taming Sari Tower
3. River Cruise

All of us never try Duck Boat before. It is a combination of bus + ship. It goes around Malacca on land and on water. But in the end we didn't board it. It was too expensive - RM30 per person which we thought is not reasonable.

Not forgetting the nicest cake in Malacca, Nadeje mille crepe. It is our norm to go there whenever we are back! The cake is just too delicious for us to resist it! Around 6pm, we get onto Taming Sari Tower. I've tried it once before when my room mates came to visit Malacca last year and the scenery was good.

At night, we boarded River Cruise. This was the second time I sat on it. Along the river, there are lights on both sides which enrich the beautiful scenery of Malacca river.

A hole on the road

Looks like *Duck Feet* - Perhaps is the Duck Boat's footprint =p

Eye on Malacca

There goes the river cruise

Light's reflection

The Port

Why must print "Chinese" on the ticket?


From left: Bear, Shau Ye, Grace, Allie, Stef

Sometimes the world is small

St Paul's Hills

Malacca River

Samudera Museum

Plaza Mahkota

Dataran Pahlawan

Mahkota Parade

We're on top of the world!

The Sea

Don't jealous ya! =p

The taste is soso only

Ming Hut Sate

August Bloom

I just want to update some of the things I've done in August besides going to classes. My best friend came to KL to find me on one weekend and so I brought her around in KL and we went to Genting too.

Guess who's the one in the middle? Hint: Astro Talent Quest

We just wanted the cool air...

The Street @ The Curve

Matcha Ice-Cream

During PBCUM Carnival in UM, Tedd Chan came to promote his album.

Tedd Chan

Friday, September 10, 2010

Another Provocation Case

I just read a news on the termination of 988 DJ, Jamal and its CEO, Wong.

Reasons: They violated 10.2 and 10.3 of the license conditions.

Condition 10.2 states: “The licensee shall not provide any content which may upset the sensibilities and sentiment of any race or religion in this country.”

Condition 10.3 states: “The licensee shall not provide any content which contains cultural and moral values that are against the community aspirations of the nation.”

For more details of the news, you can read it here.

I wonder are other countries' leaders doing the same thing to their citizens? Why can't we just be more transparent? What is there for our leaders to fear of if they are doing the right thing?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

All In One

Have you ever encountered a mixture of feelings pop up at the same time?

Happy, sad, excited, disappointed, relief, anxious, worried?

I'm facing it now.