Friday, February 25, 2011

So Sweet…!!!

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Last time when I went to Singapore, I came across this food stall. It really made me laugh at that time. Look at the name: 包今天 ---> 包青天 (Justice Bao)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nothing is more important than family…

As I received the news, I stood dumbfounded. I was numb at that moment. I hardly feel anything. I don’t have any feeling at all. Neither sad nor happy.

Is like I lose all senses. When I get back to myself, my first concern is my aunt. Can she continue living strongly without her husband by her side? What can I do to help her?

My uncle is considered to be the second father of my brother because he has been taking care of my brother since he was a baby. The lost of him has really caused an impact to us, especially his family members. He is a healthy man and no one can ever predict this. Leave in silence.

This year is certainly not a good start for me. Roommate fractured her leg, stormy evening broke my house glass door, friends’ parents passed away and now another person is leaving my life.

There’s a reason why my brother and I love Malacca so much. Is not because of the food. Is not because of the atmosphere. Is not because of the place. Is because our family is there. We never know how many times we can get to see them. But we know if can, we want to be with them everyday.


Looking at the achievement of others make me feel like a useless person. But at the same time I know it’s not relevant comparing myself with others because everyone is different.

I want…

I want…

I want…

I want…

I want…

There are many things that I want to achieve. But how high my desire determines how near I am to my goals.

Right now, I’m feeling scattered around. Pieces of me landed on different areas. There’s no one specific objective for me to achieve. I feel lost.

I demand for too many things. I want to achieve so many things and this has lead to a wide spread aims of mine. Thus, I lost myself. I don’t know how I spend my time. I feel like I’m not producing anything in a single day.

I can’t focus on what I want to strive for because I don’t know which one is my priority. Every dream that I have seems to be very important to me. None is ranked lower than the other.

I know I’ve faced this problem quite a number of times. And yet till now, I still couldn’t resolve it. Any advice?

Monday, February 21, 2011

CariBilik - Now Featuring Over 50k Rooms!!!

As a student, I’m sure all of you would experience almost similar difficulties as me when studying abroad or far away from home. One of those obstacles which you might experience is finding a place to stay if you are not staying in hostel. I encountered this problem when I was planning to move out from hostel one year ago. However, I was fortunate at that time because my friends were moving out too. I didn’t even need to search for any rooms because they did all the jobs from searching to inspecting the houses and rooms. I just needed to say, “OK!”

I always love to go for vacation with my friends. The two main problems that we always faced when planning a trip are accommodation and transportation. Usually transportation can be easily settled when one or two of us can drive our cars. Accommodation is a big issue when money is a concern. We cannot stay in luxury, expensive hotel. Hence, we are always looking for a budget inn or a homestay to stay. It’s not an easy job to find although there are many websites offering this service. Sometimes due to limited knowledge about the places that we are going, we need to find a place where it’s the centre of attraction. This can make our travel becomes more convenient.

Recently, I found a website which I think is very useful for me. The link to this website is

What I like about it:

1) It offers many rooms for rent with detailed information regarding each room.

2) It also offers short term rentals, which I labelled it as homestay. This means that we can actually find houses or rooms to rent for one or two days if we are planning to do any event or going for a trip anywhere and yet we don’t want to stay in a hotel because we want to spend time together like a family in a comfortable house. I have done this before with my friends when we went for vacation. It really feels nicer compared to staying in a hotel or a budget inn.

3) Each elaboration comes with photos of the rooms or houses with the images of the beds in them.

4) You can search for rooms easily according to the place you want as labelled by them.

5) The rooms are categorized into “most bookings” and “cheapest rental” which make your search easier depending on which type you prefer.

6) There is a map shown for each place that you are looking at to enable you to know the location of the rooms or houses.

7) There is also a calendar showing you the availability of the rooms or houses for rent.

8) You can make instant booking through the website.

9) Besides looking for rooms, you can also post your rental if you have any rooms or houses to be let out.

What I dislike about it:

1) It doesn’t offer an advanced search with detailed specifications like some other websites. Thus, we’ll need to spend longer time to browse through the available rooms or houses before we can get to find a suitable one.

2) It only offers rooms or houses to rent but doesn’t include shops, offices, factories or warehouses which I think is useful for people doing business.

3) Only rentals are available. It doesn’t come with choices of those for sale.

4) The website doesn’t look attractive enough and I think the coverage areas are somehow limited to high traffic places.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011