Monday, October 1, 2012

The Replied Email

Hi Stef,

it has been a long time? how are you? Yes, everyday every moment I am GREAT. hehehehe. thank you. It is so great to hear from you. for you information, I didnt meet up with them. too bad -.-

advice? I dont have any advice to people.

if do, just one - LEARN

just take it as some suggestions or references. from what i have learned to what i am today.

LEARN to accept

LEARN to love

LEARN to give

we are born with two eyes, two ears but one mouth. do you know why? some people said it is the god's message. listen more, see more and TALK less.

LEARN to listen

LEARN not to judge

because everyone has their own rights, their own rules, own habits, own way, own style, not only in personality, but everything from the thoughts to the definition about things. nobody is ever the same. remember that you are so difference.

something is bothering you. the tears you drop. each one is telling you a message

- you are human being

- you know love

- you know the answer

I used to read that when you dont know the answer, it is probably you have too much answers. human needs security. we, include me needs acceptance from our family, friends and society. but first, we must accept who we are. we are already perfect. we must accept that we are human being having emotion, that is why we cry, laugh, excited, bored...we make mistake just the excellent example of human being.

in this situation, to me problems are already there. don't ever focus on the problems. whatever you focus, it grows. i see so MANY opportunities. i understand, when things go wrong, sometimes we get mess up and f up especially we lose ourselves. we blind our own eyes. to make things better in this situation, to me is to live and feel the fear, the sadness, make the emotion your good friends, date your friend, tell them - i am sorry for what had happened, can we just forget everything and live happily again?

if there were mistakes i made, hurt you, make you suffered, i would like to know and accept that and change. everyone wants to proof to each other, oh i am right, you are wrong. it is never my fault to bring up this issue.

you started the fire, you burned the relationship. i take your words because i am your friend. bla bla bla.



after the fight, everything still the same. you live your life, i live mine. the thing is how do you live your life? you live your life, with some sadness cause by something or you live your life, with happiness of everything?


if they want to claim their right, and return you the mistake, listen to them, agree with them. but in your heart, tell yourself,

I GIVE you acceptance

I allow your rules

I RESPECT you as a human being

sometimes we take too much prides on ourselves. it is much better if we can give up a little bit about ourselves and make something great, isn't it? give up some of our ego, make the relationship shines.

don't misunderstand - give up yourself doesn't mean you put yourself down. deep down, you know who you are. you accept everyone and most importantly you accept yourself.

all these are noises, if you want silence, practice -

1. be impeccable with your words

2. dont take anything personally

3. dont make assumption

4. always do your best

you must be the light of yourself. not the light of buddha, jesus, or anyone else. always listen to yourself.

be strong my friend. whatever i mentioned above it is ME. there is no right or wrong. be who you are :)

if you have any questions, feel free to find me. i am always here for anyone.

easy easy

you are a great friend to me. you are nice just the way you are ^^