Monday, September 26, 2011


When I was young, I have a low self-esteem over my own look. I seriously thought I was ugly. But as I grow up, I slowly build my confidence through achieving the goals that I’ve set for myself. I started to change the way I dress. I started to like myself more and appreciate what I have and how I look. Sometimes I do care on how others think of me and some of the confidence was build upon compliments by others. Confidence is the most important element that can either build or destroy someone. Now, I personally feel that someone can be so charming just by being confident with themselves. Ever since I came back to my home town and enjoy my life here, I really feel that I look good. I guess atmosphere is also important in influencing people’s mood. One of the things that has made me so much happier is that my close friend told me, “我发现到妳变美了。。。”I was really very happy to hear this not because of the sentence itself, but the sincerity that comes with it. My face is still the same, I didn’t do any cosmetic surgery and the question is why he thinks that I have become prettier? The answer to this is confidence. Thanks to him, he actually boosted up my confidence even more. Lol…

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What you see ain’t what you know…


Have you ever come across this kind of feeling? Where you’re smiling outside but crying inside. I know for sure many of you may have experienced this and so do I. I may seem happy, playful and even crazy sometimes when hanging out with friends and at that moment I am really happy. But when the moment has passed, sadness may come. When I’m happy, I share a lot with my friends but when I’m sad, I don’t really feel like sharing because I don’t know what to share. I just don’t like to bring sadness to others. And letting others know my sadness won’t help anything. I’ve been this way for quite a moment. Sometimes it’s just hard to describe how I feel. Some “thing” is holding me back in my heart and I’m hoping it will release me soon.

Friday, September 23, 2011



Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beautiful Malaysian Cars!

Or perhaps should I rephrase my title to be “Beautiful Cars in Malaysia”? Haha. Anyway, I’m not here to brag about products of Malaysia such as Proton or Perodua because I don’t think these two brands can even stand a chance to compete with foreign car makers.


Well, for the past few months I’ve been surveying on certain cars of different models and brands as I have the intention to purchase it. However, with finance constrain, only those cars with prices ranging from RM30,000 to RM60,000 would appear in my list of samples. (Gosh! I think I talk more and more like and auditor now!) I guess this industrial training does give me some impacts on my mind with the words I use. Lol…


I personally prefer a smaller size of car for a start because it is economically cheaper with less fuel consumption. I have quite a strange preference as I like to use manual gear compared to automatic. I think most users would prefer auto gear for convenience while driving but I feel that it’s too bored driving an auto car. At least I can move my hands and legs more often when I drive a manual gear.



A few models popped up in my mind when I started the searching process – Perodua MyVi, Hyundai Getz, Suzuki Swift and Kia Picanto. I didn’t know where to search for best purchase deals so I just checked out the official websites of each brand to find out the specifications and prices.



At the same time, my friend wanted to find a Kelisa. I was really clueless on where to find a seller for her. But just recently, I found this website which I think is quite useful for car transaction. You can find many types of cars for sale in it, be it new or used car. Although the website is very simple with minimal options and functions, it’s easy to surf.


Someone who likes to “lepak” like me, seriously need a car. Without it, it’d be like handicapped. Shout freedom for my next semester!! ^^

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crazy Week!

Hardly had enough sleep for the past 5 days. Not because of work but my schedule was full of outings with friends. Most of them going back to their universities and I just want to spent more time together with them before they leave. I’m already missing them now… >_<


I’m so used to busy life of having fun with friends that I can’t really spend any minute doing nothing or just staying at home. It makes me feel unproductive and a waste of time though I can still do many beneficial things to fill up my time at home.


With this kind of attitude, I’m very sure that office work will not suit me. I rather spend time working on jobs that I like even to the extend that I might not have enough rest. At least, I feel it’s worthy. My seniors always asked me will I join auditing line after I graduate and my answer will always be NO! I’m very sure of myself, my attitude and what I like and dislike. As for now, I still have 1 year to go to search for my desired job and I will always remember the goal that I’ve set for myself!


Gambate, Seok Ling!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


is something to be enjoyed and lived rather than a well of suffering to be endured on the way to better things.

Life is not be hurried through as a means to an end with our eyes on heaven rather than the flowers by the wayside.

Life is to be ENJOYEDE on its own terms.

Edward de Bono


Monday, September 5, 2011


And again, I feel like I’m the stupidest person in this world! I’ve banged the wall once. I knew it. But still I banged the same wall again! Foolish me! How many times do you want to hurt yourself?? Are you blind? I know I’m not blind. I’m just plain stupid!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

This is so right!


New View

My company has shifted to a new office at 15th floor. This is how it looks like from within. 3 more months to go and I shall enjoy all the bits and pieces that I have with this company. =)

DSC04957 DSC04958 DSC04959 DSC04960

I love it so much!

DSC04967 DSC04966 This is so my style!