Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Then --- Now

Was haunted all night by the fact that I didn’t succeed to proceed to the next stage for a MNC’s leaders programme. Can’t figure out why. Possible reasons:

1. Not 1st class honours.

2. Applied for non-related departments with my field of study.

3. Answers to questions not impressive enough.

The only company which I’ve been interested in since last year. It was a big shocking news to me. Partly because I’ve never failed to secure any interview before.

Went back to the restaurant opposite my secondary school. Reminded me of many things. My favourite drinks which I used to order last time – carrot milk. It is also the drinks that brought back memories I used to have back then in F4 & F5.

How I used to lepak with my basketball mates after every game. How I used to like a girl so much and bought her carrot milk because she loves it too. How I used to spent my time in doing activities more than studies. Life was so simple back then. Thinking of this, it makes me feel better because life can always be simple too as long as we want it to be.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Dear friends…

It’s the last day. Suddenly I don’t feel like growing up. It was so much nicer to be young. To be ignorant. To be worry-free. Sad to leave, especially my friends. After this, we are going to fly our separate ways to chase our dreams. We wouldn’t know when can we ever meet again. The laughter, the tears, the happiness and the sadness that we shared are the memories that we have. Your existence made a difference in my life.

Thank you, my dear friends.

Take care.

So long.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My 1st Japanese Speech

みなさん こんにちは。

はじめまして。わたしは ステフです。けいえいがくぶのがくせいです。ことし よねんせいです。けいえいがくぶは あそこです。わたしのがくぶは しょくどうが あります。しょくどうのたべものは あまり おいしくないですが、だいたい やすいです。

わたしは にじゅうよんさいです。たんじょうびは さんがつ ついたちです。ことしのたんじょうびに かれに Fossil のとけいを もらいました。きょねんのクリスマスに かれに Polo のネクタイを あげました。

わたしは マラッカから きました。マラッカは ちいさいまちですが、すてきなところです。マラッカは おいしいたべものが たくさん あります。そして あまり たかくないです。わたしは Satay Celup と ニョニャりょうりが すきです。Satay Celup は すこし からいです。ははは ニョニャりょうりが  じょうずです。

わたしは むらさきのくるまが あります。くるまは あまり おおきくないですが、とてもべんりです。じゅぎょうは げつようびから もくようびまでです。まいしゅうのかようび ごご 5じから 7じまで テニスを します。それから うちへ かえります。まいばん 9じに しゅくだいを します。それから ねます。まいしゅうのきんようび あねと じどうしゃで いなかへ かえります。

やすみは しがつ ついたちから なのかまでです。わたしはかぞくと ひこうきで タイワンへ いきました。タイワンは すこし さむいです。そのかばんを かいました。それは よんじゅうリンギットです。わたしも おみやげを かいました。ともだちに おみやげを あげました。

わたしは マレごとえいごが よく わかります。そして にほんごが すこし わかります。いつも にほんごのあにめを みます。ときどき まんがのほんを よみます。あにめとまんがは とても おもしろいですから、にほんごが すきです。

にほんは きれいなくにです。たから、にほんが とても すきです。どぞう よろしく おねがいします。

ありがとう ございます。


I’m so happy that I finished learning Japanese language level 1. It’s so nice to learn a foreign language especially the one you like the most. Japanese and Chinese language will be my on-going lessons. ^^

Monday, May 21, 2012

+ Positive Thinking +

I never thought how important it could be until today. It’s very powerful in the sense that it will create positive energy around you and pull all the positive circumstances to you. You might think it sounds philosophical but it is true. I experienced it myself. I was in a very depressed state since early May until recently. This depression was the negative thoughts I carried with me and it brought more negative energy on me. So my situation got worse. But then I realized it was me who has attracted all these negative outcomes. So I put aside all my emotions and rationalized myself to think of something good, something positive. I feel better and the situation that surrounds me get better too. Even the people around me become better. This is something that I must keep in mind for a better life! =)

The Last Week

For the first time, I feel sad to leave UM. This week is the last week of my final semester. Time really passes very fast. By the time I get to breathe properly, it’s already week 14. Couldn’t really grasp what I’ve been through this semester. Attended Japanese class this semester. The nicest class of all. The class that I will miss the most too! Had a very nice Japanese teacher. Sweet and lovely. This time is for real that I’m going to leave schooling life forever. I usually felt sad when I was going to leave my schools – primary (MGS 2), secondary (MGSS), pre-university (MHS) and now UM. I really enjoyed my studies life a lot. Nevertheless, we have to move on.

Last Friday, I was in the hospital for almost 12 hours. My aunt a.k.a mom was admitted for minor stroke. I brought her to see the doctor at Mahkota Hospital. Doctor advised her to be admitted for proper monitoring and check ups. However, a deposit fee of RM5000 is required! Gosh, it was late night around 11pm. Where could we get so much cash in hand at that moment? This hospital is really focusing on making profit rather than saving patients. So we shifted to general hospital. It is a widely known facts to Malaysians that the government hospital is super slow. We went there at 12am but my aunt only got to be admitted at 4am. And there weren’t many people at that time. Why did we need to wait for 4 hours?? Couldn’t really sleep that night. Reached home around 5.30am. Slept at 7am to do homework. Woke up at 10.30am. Started to look for information and contacts of acupuncture doctor. It was said to help stroke patients to recover. Aunt was well monitored by the doctors in general hospital. At 2pm, doctor said she could be discharged. So we went there to get the procedures done. And again, I waited from 2pm to 7pm just for my aunt to discharged. Why the heck do we need to wait  for 5 hours just to be discharged???! And that also we did not get the report. It was only after 9pm that we could get the report of my aunt’s condition. I understand that there are many patients in GH but the slowness wasn’t caused by the number of patients. It was caused  by the inefficient system that the government hospital is running on. Saddened by this condition, I promised myself that I’m going to earn lots of money and never again let my family members to go to GH.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quote of the Day!

“Losing a parent is very difficult - as I discovered 7 weeks ago. But I am totally convinced that it doesn't quite match up to losing a child. Friends of mine just lost their only child - a wonderful 12 year old boy - and I was completely at a loss for words. No parent should ever be made to face the greatest of grief that comes from burying one's child. Life is just so fragile - we just have to do all we can on things that matter with the people that matter most.”

-Michael Reyes-

Friday, May 11, 2012

Looking for Mont Kiara Apartments?

I believe everyone has their own dream houses. House is the most important shelter for human beings, thus, a comfortable house is essential to happy living. Some people admire those who are living in luxurious, big houses especially those with added unique designs and I’m one of the admirers too.

Residential houses can be part of the investment properties which can bring huge returns to the investors. As you can observe from the market trends, the properties prices are in an increasing trend. If you are rich enough to have a sufficient capital to invest, you might want to consider looking into the property market.

Mont Kiara has been one of the top townships in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a prosperous place full of wealthy people and it is developed exclusively for the well-to-do offering fine living lifestyle of a city folk. It has also occupied 30% of the top 20 listed properties in Propwall. I think one of the reasons that have made this place so famous is due to its strategic locations in the urban area nearby KL city centre. And as more people now are willing to spend more money to indulge in a luxury lifestyle, a high-class township would definitely attract many people.

I’ve been to a very special mall in Mont Kiara before. It’s Publika Mall. So why is it so special? It’s specially designed as an artistic mall with unique designs in the decorations, the public benches and as well as the shop lots. It also caters for those artists to hold their functions there and publish their products. There are many fine dining restaurants in it too.

For parents who want their children to learn western style of education, there are a few international schools located in Mont Kiara. Here, your kids would be able to meet many international students and learn more on the cultural differences between countries.

There are many places in KL where you can invest especially those with high demands and Mont Kiara is one of them. I personally would consider property investment too if I have the capital.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Moment Like This

Have you ever been through the moment when you have emotional breakdown? When you feel like disappearing from this world. Even to the extent of dying, you just want to disconnect yourself from earthly things. I do experience this moment. It does not happen just once in a lifetime. I think it happens several times in a person’s lifetime.

I think I understand why some people chose to commit suicide. It was at that moment of time that the person could not bear with the emotional breakdown they had with them. Their perseverance and rationale could not win over the emotional breakdown. It was beyond their limit to bear with it that they chose to commit suicide.

I personally feel sorry for them for not being tough enough to go through those moments. And I have had these moments too. But I did not choose to give up my life no matter how difficult my life is. Partly is because I don’t have the courage to do so and partly is because my rationale still won over my emotional breakdown.

I’m someone who is easily being emotionally attached to people especially friends. I’m very sensitive towards every words being uttered by them and every actions being done by them. But this is only applicable to those who really mean something to me. And I think this is my biggest weakness in friendship because eventually, I’m only hurting myself.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Duration is not a matter anymore

An apology doesn’t mean that the person who apologized was wrong. It just means that the person who apologized wants to stop the misunderstanding from continuing. That person wants to save the relationship/friendship between the parties involved because that person cares for the other person. However, sometimes when a continuous effort has been put up by one side of the party to maintain the relationship/friendship without getting a positive feedback from the other side of the party, that person would definitely be disappointed. And when the effort being made was being returned by harsh words or treatments, it would certainly saddened that person. As a result, it might lead to that person to stop putting up efforts on the other person anymore. Eventually, if the other party doesn’t show any effort to save this situation, that person would just remain to give silent treatment to the other party.

P/S: My silent treatment mode to you is turned on now.