Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Journey To The South...

At last, we need to leave Penang and head for south, KL. We woke up early in the morning and packed all our things. I managed to snap a few candid shots along the way. Let's keep on track!

This couple was cleaning the room before we left.(Just like our "parents"^^)

Our cozy room

The entrance to our room

Waiting for our breakfast

Our staying place during the trip, Hutton Lodge

The main entrance of Hutton Lodge

Here are a few photos of the lodge.

Last memory before we left, but spoiled by "the monsters" at the back.

Special designed building of KFC(I took the photo of it along the way back)

In the bus station(look at our bags)*wow! a lot.*

"Do we look funny eating in the bus station while waiting for our bus?"(Many people stared at us while we were eating.)*I wonder why...*

"It's nice. Want some?"

"Maybe we looked funny coz there is a food court nearby but we didn't eat there." *HAHA*

Eugene: What you looking at? Never see people eat before arr??

Chun Chee: Lets see what I have here.

Cheok: Mmm... yours look nice!^^

Stef: Give me some.

Eugene: Just take it lah.

"Mmm... so nice..."

"Yes?? Anything that I can help you? (As long as not giving my food away)"


A 'pregnant' guy *I wonder how many months* hehe

Sleeping so soundly...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Journey Continued...

Although my trip has past for about 3 months, the memory of it still remains fresh in my mind. After we have toured for the whole day in Penang, we left one last night to spend in Penang before we left for KL. So this was how we spent it...

In a "Jailed" restaurant (These 2 guys have committed a crime called 'bigami') Hehe...

We went to eat at a restaurant which is specially designed to look like a jail. The design was special and nice but the food was soso only.

"Aargh!!!" ("Do I look like this vampire?")

The above is one of the displayed items in the restaurant. Then we walked back to our lodge.

New fashion??!

I don't think so.("He was so blur to notice what happen.. HAHAHA...")

Tada!! Here we are back at Hutton Lodge.

After a break and shower, we spent our last night there relaxing and resting after a tiring day of trip.

Playing snake game

Enjoying their beers while playing

"Drink Heineken! It's nice." (Advertising for this beer...^^)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Toy Museum

Pictures attached here are all the displayed items taken inside the Toy Museum. Enjoy..!

(This is the toilet)