Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm now back to Malacca and I just met up with my best friend for drinks just now. For the past few days, I have not been blogging partly because I was busy and partly because I have no idea on what to blog about.

Love is always around everyone, everyday. It cannot be destroyed and it won't disappear. People always say 戏如人生,人生如戏. It's true. Sometimes you might think that the drama or movie that you watch is not realistic. But in fact, it just happens in life on someone, somewhere.

Aiks... Suddenly my blogging idea got erased from the memory. Now I don't know how to continue anymore. Anyway, don't get me wrong. I'm not emo. I just want to share what's in my mind with you. That's all for now. I'm off to sleep!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Just For Fun!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Apa Pun Boleh!

I just read a post from here. Our government thinks that "Malaysia Boleh!" and then "Apa Pun Boleh!"

We are capable of hiring 1.2 million civil servants with total population of 25 million while Japan is only hiring 380000 civil servants with total population of 120 million. Is Malaysia trying to compete to get into Guinness World of Record to have the most numbers of civil servants??

I don't know if this is something good or bad. More people being hired by the government can mean less unemployment. But who are paying for their salaries?? The taxpayers!!

Even if the government wants to help out in reducing unemployment, I think this is not the right way. I think as Malaysians, all of you would have come across the services given by the civil servants. Slow, procrastinate, unfriendly, inefficient, ineffective, bla, bla, bla... Even if they increase the number of civil servants to serve us, the public (or perhaps serve the leaders only), it won't increase their efficiency in any way. It's just a waste! Waste of resources!

Whether a country can prosper or not, it depends on one thing. ATTITUDE! Yes, it's the human's attitude we are talking about. If you are good, you won't be unemployed. If you are willing to work hard, you won't be unemployed. If you have the will, you will surely have the way to get yourself employed. So why does the government need so many civil servants while mostly are "sleeping workers"?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2nd Home

This is my second week in UM. I had a wonderful dinner yesterday. My roommate cooked yam rice!! My favourite! Hehe... and it tastes nice! I prefer staying outside rather than hostel because it really feels more like home.

This semester's subjects are heavier. I need to put more effort in it but at the same time I want to enjoy my last 1 and a half year as an undergraduate. I will not get involve in organizing event anymore but I will learn something different and participate in activities where I have chances to perform. Anyhow, this is still under my planning. The results will prevail after audition if I succeed.

On the other hand, lately quite a number of friends have problems in love affairs. Hope everything goes well for them. It's funny though my friends always seek my advice when they have love matters and yet, I don't really know if my advice are useful for them when I, myself don't even have much experience in love.

I guess I'm very rational. That's all I could say. But my friend said, being too rational is not good at times. Is it true?

Saturday, July 17, 2010


By the way, here is the list of websites and blogs which I found to be interesting recently. As an adult, I think we should know what we ought to know.

We Should Care!

For the past few days I've been reading a lot on our country, Malaysia. Mainly on politics. I have never been interested in politics until I entered F6. I still remember how my PA teacher told us story about Malaysia politics. She was very interested in it and advised us that we should at least care on what is happening in our mother country. Back then, I was still not aware and didn't really care that much.

But recently, I become more interested when I read a lot of articles which reveal more truth than what the newspapers provide us nowadays. And media company aren't that transparent anyway since they are being CONTROLLED by the government. In fact, the government is manipulating readers' mind by filtering the information that they wish to let us know.

If you know and realize what our leaders are doing to us and how they hide their wicked, corrupted faces behind the angel masks, I'm sure you'd be very angry and disappointed with our government now!

Cutting subsidy in order to prevent bankruptcy for Malaysia? What a crap! This is just an excuse given by them in order for the politicians, governments agencies and departments to continue enjoy their corrupted money. If our country is really facing financial problem in subsidizing the citizens, then how come PM's department alone need allocation of RM4 billion? What are they doing with the money???

And if you realize, government's expenditure on subsidy actually only takes a very small portion from the total of government's expenditure. And I think the government is very stupid enough to not know the market price of normal items? For example, a box of tools of screwdrivers and so on only costs around RM40 but the government is spending RM200++ for a box of it! Even a small kid knows this is so unreasonable!

Conclusion? Corruption isn't getting anywhere better. As long as we still have greedy old men ruling us, this country ain't gonna become a developed country and it might end up no where! One more thing to share, corruption isn't the only crime they are doing. With the use of ISA, even murder can also be done! What's the use of Pendidikan Moral in school when the supposed-to-be role model is even worse than a normal human being?

Friday, July 16, 2010

I feel so alone...

...when you are not around.

Without realizing when and how, you've taken an important place in my heart.

Just like the saying goes, "We take a day to remember a person, but a lifetime to forget a person."

And this is very true.

I know I can live without you.

But whether or not I'm living happily without you - is another case.

So long.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cute Paper Anime

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Hit

Today was the second day I attended classes in UM for this semester. Feeling of sadness suddenly became even stronger after being hit twice by news that disappoint me.

1) My best friend is leaving to a faraway place. But is for good reason and will be back after a period of time. I'm gonna miss him so much!

2) The person whom I like, likes someone else. The impact is not that strong compared to the 1st hit. I realized that I have been holding myself back from falling in love.

My head has been feeling heavy since yesterday. I guess I need time to adapt to new environment. One happy thing to share. For the first time ever, I feel that I have a home in KL. After I've eaten home-cooked food which was prepared by my roommate. Thanks, Grace. ^^

Monday, July 12, 2010

Frog Cafe

Before I came back to KL yesterday, I met up with 2 of my very best friends on Saturday night. We went to Frog Cafe. It is a newly opened cafe located at Melaka Raya nearby Senyum. The concept is similar to music cafe whereby there is a small stage with 2 singers performing live. Overall, this place is cozy and it is nicely decorated with blue lights and hanging leaves.

Talking about my 2 best friends, they are really very important to me in my life. I couldn't afford losing them. Getting to know them is a fate. Becoming best friends is an attraction. My life is always cheerful having them around. ^^

EK & CC - I miss you so much!!!

Reunion Dinner

On last Thursday, I had the last gathering with my F6 mates before all of us gone back to the university. It was a reunion dinner and it's our tradition to have it every time when we have semester break. Although the number of our classmates who attended for the dinner wasn't complete, it was still nice to meet up with them and eat together! ^^

The food was nice. We ate in a restaurant named 665. It's located at Bukit Beruang, Melaka. I miss you all!!! Hope to see you soon! ^^

Resorts World

After the NUS graduation ceremony ended, we visited Resorts World. The whole place was nicely decorated and 2 hours were just not enough for me to tour around. My family members all went to the casino and so I walked around on my own. I don't really like gambling. It was a nice experience and I hope I could go again with my friends next time. ^^


Adam & Eve

The Thinker

Football Season

The Port

It was full! No more tickets left.

I will be back!

Universal Studio

Weird Elephant

Sunday, July 11, 2010

NUS Convocation

I attended my brother's graduation ceremony in NUS last Wednesday. When I first stepped into NUS territory, I was impressed with the buildings there. They look so new. My brother told me they renovate every year. *No wonder their fees is so expensive* @@

Every graduand was only allowed to bring 2 family members into the hall. However, my brother requested for extra seats and managed to get 3 more invitations. So I got to enter the hall to watch the whole graduation ceremony process.

The Invitation Card

My brother - Wearing the tie I bought for him as birthday present ^^

Do we look alike?

At 9.40am we entered the hall. The ceremony started sharp at 10.00am. Needless to say, it was a very formal procedure and after a while, I became bored and sleepy too! Luckily, the whole ceremony only took about 1 hour and 45 minutes because that session was only meant for graduands of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

A few professional photographers were there to snap those glory moments of the graduands. And I was attracted to one of them. He is a middle aged man. I guess should be around 30-40 years old. He is quite charming and he looks "yao yeng" (cool) when he was holding his camera to snap photos. He reminds me of my MUET teacher, Mr Peter Suan. If you studied in MHS before, you should know who is him. Haha... Mr Peter Suan is already more than 50 years old. But he is the most stylish man in the school! With a great sense of humour and fit body, he doesn't lose to any young man!

The man on the left in the above picture is the one I mentioned previously. I didn't get to take the picture of his face so this is the only one I got. Don't get me wrong thinking that I like old man. -_-"' I just admire him for his professionalism and the charm he has just like how I admire my MUET teacher who is even more stylish than me!


At the end of the ceremony, we were being surprised by a loud "pop" sound followed by many balloons dropping down from the ceiling of the hall. I think it was the nicest part of all throughout the whole ceremony. It was beautiful.

In comparison to UM convocation, I still prefer UM because it is more happening. In NUS, you can't see anyone who would lift up the graduands to throw them high above but in UM we have. What is graduation without those feeling of excitement when being thrown high above or throwing your graduations hats high up? I could hardly see any juniors coming to send their seniors off either. This scenario is a total opposite to UM. When convocation is near, we would have many booths selling variety of stuff. And the juniors from everywhere, be it the faculties, the hostels or the clubs and societies, would prepare banners and gifts and sometimes even cheers to congratulate their seniors and send them off!

It is so much merrier in UM compared to NUS. This is the biggest difference between Malaysians and Singaporeans too! Although we, Malaysians may not be as effective and efficient as Singaporeans, but we have a better social relationship between people. We value the virtues; cherish our friends and family; and we are a lot more compassionate compared to them. My brother always told me the people in Malaysia are more like people. Now I understand why... because we have 人情味.

Happy Graduation! ^^

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MGS --> MHS --> UM

I had a little gathering with F6 friends yesterday. We had our dinner in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, DP. I remembered the last gathering we had was in May when we went for steamboat. It feels like such a looooooooongggggggggggggggg time ago. We talked and shared a lot during the dinner and it feels so nice hanging out with them! ^^

After the dinner, we watched The Back-Up Plan. This movie is funny! We laughed like mad people in the cinema. Haha... And no doubt, our gang made the most noise (laughed the loudest) throughout the whole show.

I always love to hang out with this bunch of friends because being with them reminds me of our time spent when we were in school. I love school life. And this love will never change. I love MGS; the school itself, the environment, the sports day, my friends and teachers and my life during those 5 years.

I love MHS too but not the school. But I love the teachers in MHS more. They are more dedicated, patient, and extremely good in teaching! If I weren't there for 2 years in F6, I wouldn't be who I am today. And of course not forgetting the friends I made in MHS especially my beloved classmates. 17 girls + 2 boys. Haha... The boys were like the roses among the thorns. Oops! I think should be the thorns among the roses. LOL! Anyhow, we treated them like our "ji mui". I wonder is this a good news or bad news for them. =p

As for now, I've entered UM for 2 years. I have 2 years more to go. But I don't have any feeling for UM at all. UM was indeed my choice and if I were to choose again, I would still choose UM. But the sense of belonging is just not in me. Recently, I saw my senior's status in FB saying that she misses UM and I commented, "come switch with me". It was a prompt statement and I realised how much I don't love UM at all.

It is weird because I'm a person who loves going to school but now I don't like going back to UM. I really don't know why. Perhaps I just can't feel the bond I have with the lecturers and friends there. I have many friends there but not as close as those I have in hometown. And the lecturers, needless to say are just talking + reading machines that work only during work hours.

I know the university style of education is like that but I just don't like it. Because I can't feel any warmth from the lecturers. But teachers are different. They treated us like their children, their friends and not only taught us the subjects of studies, but life's lesson as well. They can share their experiences and stories with us just like a family. I guess this impacted a lot on me.

Although I spent lesser time in F6, approximately 1 and a half years, my feeling is stronger for it compared to UM which I have spent approximately 2 years as well. I enjoyed my life in UM getting to know new friends, doing crazy things with them, being able to perform and do things I that I dreamt of before, but now when I needed to go back, I feel reluctant. Why is this happening?

And I guess I'm the 1st person who would describe UM as PRISON. Less freedom probably because of no car to drive there. I'm a heavy socializer, of course I can't stand being trapped in UM or in the hostel or in the soon-to-stay house everyday. Even when I'm back in hometown, I hardly stay at home everyday. Perhaps making myself busy is the solution. We'll just wait and see how will I spend my another 2 years in UM. Hope it will be a fun, exciting, and extraordinary life!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Yesterday just celebrated my nieces' birthdays. Zi Xuan which is 4 years old and Yu Xin which is 1 year old. They are sisters but their birthday aren't on the same date. It's just that the celebration is combined but with 2 different cakes. My cousin's kids are really cute!!