Sunday, September 14, 2008

Aqua Life

Fun Time in KL^^

Finally, our last destination for holiday... Kuala Lumpur. By the time we reached, it was already dinner time. My cousin who stays in KL brought us to a nice restaurant to eat steamboat! This steamboat is not the ordinary one but it's served with porridge as its soup. Yummy, yummy...!!

All the 'yao kuis' can't wait to eat steamboat

The next day we headed for Sunway Lagoon and Sunway Pyramid. These coming pictures will continue my story...

Waiting patiently for bus although they looked impatient...

After having fun in Sunway Lagoon *But why some looked so moody?*

Busy people

Ahha...!! At least this one looks more like we were having fun time! ^^

"Want to fight arr?!? Come la... I'm not scared of you!"

What was so attractive up there?

"Xiao di di, you must listen to jie jie, k?"

"Haiyak!! See my kehebatan lah...!"

Happy skating!!

I wonder what he was thinking...

Give me five!!!!!

Guess what is in his mouth??

Sleeping Buddha???
The journey continued to the next day...

Eye on Malaysia

High-tech toilet

What are they doing?

Busy with their handphones??

Oh... Want to take photos...
The last post of my journey will be on KLCC Aquarium. Let's move on...