Friday, November 28, 2008

Funny Brother

I have a very humorous brother who is now studying in NUS. Sometimes we will chat in msn and a few days ago I had just chatted with him. Because some of the conversation was too funny, I can't stand laughing at it.

Pozan is my brother. At first when I saw the last 2 sentences, I didn't believe he was my brother (coz I've been tricked by his roommate before). To me, my brother is a person who doesn't know how to "merajuk" in a "manja" way... And so... But it turned out that... (Pozan: ur own bro also u cant recognize... sadnyer...)

My brother is a lazy person, even lazier than me. But he asked me to work hard. Reason?? (See below)

Showing the "kesian" emotican also is not like my brother style. Now only I realized my brother is sooooooooooooooooooooooo "HUMOROUS"...

Well, my brother loves to eat. And he complained a lot about the food in Singapore.

He likes "wan tan mee" and he thought I would also like too. But I'm neutral towards "wan tan mee" and he can't believe it. (What's the big deal?)

I said I like "mien fen gao" and so he asked me to bring him to the best place to eat. I didn't guarantee that it's the best in my hometown. And this was how he replied...

So now I know "gagal = gull-gull". I don't know how does a seagull looks like and so he drew for me to see... This was his drawing... ^^

Muahahahahahahaha.............. His drawing is terribadzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... But the shape still can be seen clearly, I shall really praise my brother... By the way, my brother gave me a task to do which require me to do a report out. So if I fail in doing the report correctly, then I'm a *gull-gull* -_-'''

He also asked me to plot a graph using excel (which I don't know how to use). *Aahhhhh... I know, I know this is very "memalukan" for an account student like me!* So I decided to learn.

Now I got a new nickname: *gull-gull sistah* = "gagal sister".

I'm also a lazy person especially when being asked to do research. So my brother replied, "I believe u know how a seagull looks like" -_-'''

I love music so much that I'm willing to do research on it in spite of my laziness. And so I explored myself to find out how to use windows movie maker. But my brother...

He wanted to make fun of me but he doesn't have this software... woo~woo~

I thought this software is already installed in every computer automatically. But he only has windows media player...

My brother wanted to know whether it's easy to use or not... And so I replied...

And this was how he replied...

While chatting with him, I was also designing ads for my cousin. I told him it's not easy to do and then he said I lousy. -_-'''

I asked him to do for me since he said till so easy. Without even hesitating, he replied...

I think my brother has no other people to boast to, so he boasted to me.

After a while, I asked him for some tips on how to do the 'assignment' that he has given me. This time my brother turned serious...

Then I said next time I will start my own business and I can be the boss without needing to work for others. He said if I really can do it, he wants to work for me. Haha...

Wants to be a CFO but doesn't know account...

So he replied...

*Sweat*''' His exam was about to start in a few days time and yet he has not started studying. Reason??

At times, my brother can get very serious, talking like a mature man...

This is the story of me and my brother. The End! Thank you!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gai Jia - Rynn Lim

Here is the video which I have recorded when I went to see Rynn during his visit in Malacca. He sang 2 songs, Gai Jia and Gan Wu Nv. I'll show one song first, {Gai Jia} because I have problem uploading another song. Paiseh, paiseh...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here We Come... Jonker!!!

As I've mentioned in my previous post, UM Yao Lan Shou went to Malacca for camp as a preparation for next year Dayao. On Saturday night (22/11/08), we performed at Jonker Street. The singer group sang 13 songs including our theme song, {Ai.Suo Yi} and the dancer group danced a song, {Belly Dancer}.

During the journey to Malacca - I managed to snap a picture of our YLS president while he was sleeping *Heehee*

Committee members waiting for the performance to start *If you see properly, you can find 2 people "syok sendiri" there* =p

Setting up the stall for selling of t-shirts and donation box

Testing the musical instruments and amplifier

My leader for dancer group *Want to act cute and cool at the same time, in the end turned out like this picture* HAHAHA!!!

We are the dancers!!!

"Eh?! Why got one alien at the back??!"

What are they looking at? And where am I looking at? ^^

Practising songs *So serious*

Yawning... (The guy at the back: What is he doing?)

They really 'beh pai seh' (The girl at the back: Oh, gosh!!)

It's us again

My leader: Bluek!!
The guy with specs: Please don't take my ugly picture.

The stage

"Come, let us take picture for you."

Getting ready as the event going to start

Singing our theme song {Ai.Suo Yi}

Here comes the dance

After the performance finished, we had our sharing.

The "rose" among the thorns

Because the circle was too big, all the executives sat in the middle

Listening very attentively *Pretending* (It was already 2.00 a.m.)

What were that red dots on their head?

Games session

Some of them didn't realize they were being tricked... Muahahaha!